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At the heart of all non-profit organizations are the members and volunteers who make the mission of the organization possible. The Squam Lakes Conservation Society (SLCS) has been fortunate in having dedicated members who provide financial support, make up the Board of Directors, serve on committees, and assist with a variety of programs.

How does one become a member of SLCS?  Our By-Laws state: “Members of the Corporation shall consist of all individuals and groups who subscribe to its purposes and have contributed financially to the Corporation within the past two years.”  Thus, to be an active Member, you simply need to make a financial contribution, whether it’s for Operations, Projects, or Dedicated Funds. Your financial support allows us to work towards our mission. Please join us!

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Other ways to Donate:


Gifts of Stock

SLCS gladly accepts gifts of marketable, publicly-traded securities.  All marketable securities will be sold upon receipt unless otherwise directed. The fair market value of publicly traded securities is determined by taking the mean between the high and low prices on the date the gift is released. Click here for Stock Transfer Instructions.

Planned Giving – The Heron Society

The stewardship of Squam goes beyond our lifetimes.  If you are interested in supporting SLCS through your estate plan, please contact us.  If you have already named SLCS in your will or IRA, we thank you and ask you to please let us know so that we can confirm that we can honor your wishes.

Meet one of our Heron Society Members

For more information on how you can support SLCS contact us at  or call 603-968-7900.