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Gifts Through Your Will & Estate Plan

Many of our members choose to leave gifts to the Squam Lakes Conservation Society in their wills or estate plans so they can do even more to protect the Squam watershed for generations to come. You can, too. Join our Heron Society by including SLCS in your will or estate plan. 

Join the Heron Society

The Heron Society honors members who provide future support for our mission through a planned gift. The Heron Society was launched in 2010 in celebration of our 50th anniversary as Squam’s land trust. Since then, over 50 donors have included SLCS and the protection of Squam’s lands in their estate planning.

Meet a Heron Society Member

It takes a “forever” effort to keep Squam as it has been for years, but it is so worthwhile for all of us and for the generations to come. That is why I decided years ago to become a member of the Heron Society.

Lisa Wardlaw

Heron Society Member

Types of Bequests

There are a number of ways you can make a bequest to SLCS.

Specific Bequest. A specific bequest involves making a gift of a specific asset such as real estate, a car, property, or a gift for a specific dollar amount. 

Percentage Bequest. Another kind of bequest would be to leave a percentage of your overall estate to SLCS. 

Residual Bequest. A residual bequest is made from the balance of an estate after the will or trust has given away each of the specific bequests. A common residual bequest leaves a percentage of the residue of the estate to a charitable organization. 

Contingent Bequest. A contingent bequest is made to charitable organizations only if the purpose of the primary bequest cannot be met. For example, you could leave specific property, such as a vacation home, to a relative, but the bequest language could provide that if the relative is not alive at the time of your death, the vacation home will go to SLCS.


A bequest is generally a revocable gift, which means it can be changed or modified at any time. You can choose to designate that a bequest be used for a general or a specific purpose. To ensure the protection of capital, SLCS is recommending that bequests be designated for the SLCS Endowment Fund.

Bequests are exempt from federal estate taxes. If you have a taxable estate, the estate tax charitable deduction may offset or eliminate estate taxes, resulting in a larger inheritance for your heirs.

Bequest Language

I hereby give, devise, and bequeath (insert percentage amount, dollar amount, name or description of asset) to the Squam Lakes Conservation Society, located at 534 US Route 3, Holderness NH 03245, Federal Tax ID #02-6012747 (for the SLCS Endowment Fund or other specified purpose). 

Have you already included SLCS in your will or estate plan?

Life Insurance

You can name SLCS as the primary beneficiary of your life insurance policy or as the contingent beneficiary should your other beneficiaries not survive you.