Scavenger Hunt

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Squam Lakes Conservation Society has been protecting lands in the Squam Lake watershed for present and future generations since 1960. We believe when children learn to appreciate and enjoy nature, they are more likely to grow into adults who value and protect our environment. To get started we have created an outdoor self-guided nature scavenger hunt on some of our  properties that contain public access trails. These scavenger hunts are great for families with school-aged children and for those who are young at heart.

Prior to setting out, here are a few things to keep in mind:
• Download or print scavenger hunt and corresponding trail map
• Wear proper footwear (no flip flops)
• Bring bug spray and sunscreen
• We suggest long pants to deter ticks and mosquitos
Take pictures, post to your favorite social media and tag us

Enjoy exploring nature as a family, invite friends along, or bring this activity to your scout’s meeting, classroom, or community gathering.

After you have completed your scavenger hunt, mail in the postcard using a regular stamp and we will send you a certificate of completion and an awesome sticker to proudly display!

If you have any questions on the scavenger hunt or something you saw while you were on the trail give us a call at (603) 968-7900 or email us at website

Dot Banks Trail on
Tompkins Preserve

This 1.2 mile trail will lead you through a white birch grove, by the state-champion black ash tree near Tompkins Brook, across a bridge over Burrows Brook near a beaver dam and then to an open area overlooking the picturesque Lost Lake. We seek to minimize our human footprint on this pristine area, so we ask that we leave your pets at home for this trail.

This trail is a joint project with the Lakes Region Conservation Trust (LRCT), Nat Coolidge and Dot’s family.Be sure to read Dot’s story on the kiosk in the parking area at the trail head.


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Col Trail

Owned by Webster Land Corp., this 1.1 mile trail will lead you on a trip through time. The Col Trail used to be known as The George Road, was built in 1831. Shortly after crossing the bridge, but not on our scavenger hunt, you may find a cellar hole on the left which is the remains of Meadowbrook boarding house. The George Road continues to the right and leads to a gravel pit, but you want to follow the  yellow signs to the left towards the pond. As you head towards the pond, look towards your left and you will see the George Burying Ground where Civil War veteran, Captain Rufus F. Clark is buried.

At the end of the Col trail you will see that you can continue to either East or West Rattlesnake if you like.


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Whitten Woods

Thanks to over 130 donors and broad community support, in April 10, 2017, SLCS and our conservations partners announced the purchase of Whitten Woods from Bill and Nancy Dailey. The New England Forestry Foundation owns the title and manages the timber resources and SLCS holds the conservation easement to ensure permanent protection of the land. Squam Lakes Association (SLA) assisted in the design and now manages the trail system.

A family friendly hike to one or both of the peaks will reward you with views of the Squam Lakes and Pemigewasset River Valley. This trail is pup friendly, but please pick up after them.


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Scavenger Hunt

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